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Skullgirls: The Reviews Are In! – 9/10
“Don’t be fooled by the lack of flashy advertising and recognisable names, Skullgirls has the moves to compete with the genre’s best.” – 8.5/10
“Astounding animation dresses up its solid basics and the roster provides plenty of possibilities for strategies and play styles.” – 8.3/10
“Skullgirls uses its personality and a masterful execution of the genre to punch well above its weight as a $15 downloadable upstart.”
Atomic Gamer – 8/10
“What Reverge Labs has done with Skullgirls is prove that even an independent developer can make a slick, fun, and unique fighting game amongst the eight-figure budgets seen in the rest of the genre.”
G4TV – 4/5
“In a genre consistently flooded with sequels and rehashes, Skullgirls is definitely a breath of fresh air.”
Gamespot – 8/10
“Its strong fighting system can stand toe-to-toe with genre regulars, while the lessons taught in the tutorials should be adopted in all fighting games.”
GameInformer – 8/10
“As a downloadable title featuring the bells and whistles that many retail fighters are lacking, Skullgirls is an impressive feat.”