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Skullgirls Wins Big at E3

June 30, 2011 - With the conclusion of early June’s E3 gaming conference in Los Angeles, Reverge Lab’s (in partnership with Autumn Games and Konami) Skullgirls was a clear winner taking home nominations as the E3 Game Critics and IGN’s best fighting game, and winning Ripten, VGChartz, and 1Up awards as E3’s best fighting game, not to mention winning The Overall Best Game award from XBLA Fan.

On top of the accolades, Skullgirls received a ton of great press coming out of the event. With only two characters available at previous shows, the newly developed character Peacock wowed audiences with her unique look, individuality, and according to Tony Ponce of Destructoid, “the embodiment of golden age animation.” Ponce goes on to say, “Peacock may just be, in (his) opinion, the greatest fighting game character EVER!”

IGN entertainment raved about Skullgirls artistic excellence as well as its raw street fighting chops on its website, “Just one look at Skullgirls and you can see how much effort was put into making these characters perfect…The detail in each frame is mind boggling.” With each character’s personality expressed so well, it’s easy to see why IGN labeled Skullgirls “One of the most anticipated games of the year.”

The LA Weekly’s Liz Ohanensian echoed IGN’s anticipation saying that Skullgirls is clearly gaining a following and questioning whether this was “The Next Big Fighting Game?”

Game creators Mike Zaimont, a.k.a. Mike Z, the legend of the street fighter gaming circuit, and Alex Ahad have teamed up to create their dream fighter, something both men have wanted to do since they started playing fighters in the early 1990’s. Ohanensian talked with Zaimont at E3 asking him to describe the game design. Instead of creating a new gimmick that everyone would like they, “looked back over the history of the genre and tried to take everything that they liked from (fighting) games and refine it.” For someone with Mike Z’s street fighter experience paired with Ahad’s creative genius and artistic originality, Skullgirls is a game to be reckoned with, a bad-ass creation that gives Mean Girls a whole new meaning.

Empowering independent studio excellence at places like Reverge is the everyday mission of Autumn Games, and the entire team at Autumn wants to congratulate Reverge on an amazing E3.